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Walking Colouring Book

Here we have a true Sheffield workhorse. Stef Esposito has been relentlessly working the music scene in South Yorkshire for over ten years. His playing has always blown away the kids in any audience and earned the respect of the more seasoned local music fans. With an organic flare for the smooth yet undoubtedly raw, his music takes in rock and roll, blues and little bits of everything else with a guitar, a strut in his step and a sense of humour that keeps people engaged. His new album, Walking Colouring Book, covers a rich and diverse range of feelings and subject material that are all framed nicely in expertly played, quality rock and roll.

The first riff of the album bounces us back into days past, remembering looking up at those we aspired to be like via a fitting lyric about remembering a hero and a rhythm which inspires us to be grateful and joyous. We are told a story of respect, humility and reaching for someone to look to when we need them most.

Song after song plays out with dynamic energy and foot-tapping infectiousness. Every time one ends, something a little different comes in to replace it. Stef’s voice carries each song with a gutsy and empowered confidence and his range shows his true ability as a creator of sound. Some masterful mixing and tweaks have grasped that perfect edge for his vocal style.

As an album dedicated to the memory of his late father, and as a culmination of his years of experience as a musician, this is truly a great record.