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Volcano is a beautiful three-track release from Parisian group Saycet.

The EP starts off with 'Volcano', a steady techno beat with echoey, reminiscent vocals from Phoebe Somsavath. The haunting voice infuses with a strong, steady pulse to create an unsettling atmosphere, at the same time as being somewhat relaxing. The song has a moody undertone but is also serene – a good song for gathering your thoughts to.

The next track, 'Cité Radieuse' – which translates to 'Radiant City' in English, a phrase coined for a modernist flat block in Marseille – begins cheerful and bright, like a breath of fresh air to listen to, the type of cutesy sound you would expect to hear on a fresh summer’s day. Gradually, we intermittently hear almost unnerving sounds, and from there the track heightens to a great, tragic collision of organised noise. It then thins out again, running through different strange sounds, yet the calamitous feel remains for the rest of the track. One almost feels as if the world might end when listening.

The concluding song, 'True Love (part 3)', is ambient and radiant – a build-up of sound to a summit of harmonious strings, piano and eerie, lapsing noises, with scattered beats which arrive and disappear like a bug crawling near you and then scuttling away.

The only thing I could say in shade of the release is that it could be a little more variant to retain interest, but I do find the consistency outstanding. Akin to Massive Attack, this is a lovely release with real potential.