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Various Artists Hymns: Vol 2

This is the second volume of Hymns to be released on Haus of PINS, the independent record label set up by the Manchester band. This release features 12 alternative Christmas songs from groups who espouse a shared DIY ethic, writing and recording the songs in the time it would take most musicians to gel their hair.

On the whole, such spontaneous gambles pay off generously. Songs like ‘Kiss Me Quickly’ by PINS and ‘Tears Get Frozen’ by The Supreme God keep some semblance of what the better Christmas tunes traditionally sound like. For those who have had enough of hearing Phil Spector over the supermarket Tannoy, there are other contributions that don’t toe the line (‘Heavy Snow’ by Girl Sweat, ‘Santa’s Cummin’’ by Brown Brogues) and no amount of sleigh bells can alter the jarring effect on your Christmas spirit. I can’t imagine that ‘XMAS is 4 Kidz’ by Mistoa Polsta would be played at the office party either. Overall, it’s a much preferred soundtrack to the usual festivities rammed down your throat.

All proceeds from these releases goes to a charity that helps asylum seekers and refugees in the North West. At a time when xenophobia is rising and a large population of the world is displaced through war, it seems like a good cause, Christmas or not. Whilst I am loathe to support Band Aid’s faux altruism, Hymns seems like as good an initiative as any in which to invest some charitable guilt money during this reflective period.

It’s currently sold out.

Background image by Bedelgeuse.

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