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The Verdis Streetlight Fables

Made up of just four tracks, there’s a chilled-out feeling to every moment of this university quartet’s debut EP.

Released: 7 February 2021
Streetlight Fables

The Verdis came together at the University of Sheffield in 2018. Made up of singer Rowan Yaxley and guitarist Max Haywood, the pair were later joined by John Thomson on the drums and bassist Jamie Wright to form the full band, who have just dropped their debut EP Streetlight Fables.

Created alongside musician and producer Sam Proctor, the EP allows the band to explore production techniques previously unavailable to them in local pub performances. Debuted at their early gigs, the tracks 'Bus Stop Blues' and 'Go To Space' have finally been released on Streetlight Fables. The former opens the EP, and the band’s classic indie sound is immediately recognisable. With a slowed-down guitar riff, some subtle bass adds a funky, almost jazz-like sound to this laid-back track. This is then repeated on ‘Go To Space’, but with gentle drums replacing the riff and creating a more melancholic sound.

Two newer tracks then follow, starting with ‘Yesterday and Now’, which is the only track that feels like it doesn’t go anywhere, but sticks to a calming folkiness. This quality can then be heard again on closer ‘Hot and Cold’, which focuses more on vocal rhythms by sticking to a repeating instrumental accompaniment throughout. Suited to winding down, the EP provides a super calm sound, perfect for distracting listeners from the stressful year we’ve all found ourselves in.

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