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The Miraculous

I am so pleased that it's my job to tell you about this masterpiece. It was love at first listen for me and I assume it will be for many others. Anna Von Hausswolff dominates her sound with a marvellous mix-up of Gothic sensations and gorgeous vocal shoots of lush green nature that spell stories, feelings and vexations for the music to envelope like magic.

Backed by the power of a nine thousand pipe organ in the Swedish location of Piteå, Joel Fabiansson and Karl Vento's mastery of fat rocking riffs, and ghostly, pitch-perfect vocal delivery, The Miraculous is something that easily shines from the bleak.

It opens with a simple demonstration of the power we are dealing with as the bass note of the famous organ is repeated in a timing that frames the rest of the music, trickling in like glitter. We are gifted with a heart-warming prologue into some deep and spacious realm of folk. There's a kick in the atmosphere, but as yet we have no clue as to what is about to unfold. The epicness is captivating and the rewards are generous, for as the bars continue, our minds are filled with some of the most exotic yet strangely familiar sounds.

The video for the album's second single, 'Evocation', put together by Anna's equally talented sister Maria, shows Anna standing in a dark and gloomy forest, pouring her heart out to the silence in the trees. If you're into Sigur Rós but want words in English, then this is perfect for you.