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The Dream Synopsis EP

Opening with a live version of lead single ‘Aviation’ from their latest album, Everything You’ve Come To Expect, showcases how incredible this band are live, with swirling, dramatic strings and elegant vocals emphasised in the mix. The extensive touring is also heard in the camaraderie between tracks. The addition of natural dialogue between takes give the whole EP an authentic sessions feel, something John Peel would’ve overseen decades ago.

As yet we’re unsure whether the band are bridging the gap between albums or just getting the creative juices flowing, but standout track ‘Les Cactus’ sees Alex Turner cover Jacques Dutronc and sing entirely in French. High Green’s finest aren't scared of pushing creative boundaries. The flamboyant classic rock feel that bleeds through this EP may even hint at what is next for Arctic Monkeys, and it’s quite a long way from the skinny lad that used to sing about taxi ranks and fruit machines. As for retro vibes on this release, Turner, Miles Kane and co execute them seamlessly. From Bolan to Bowie, it’s brilliant.

The cover of Rob Chapman's ‘This Is Your Life’ has a classic Puppets feel as the atmospheric strings elevate you immediately. It feels like it could be an original tune, which is always a sign of a great cover. The whole EP is the sound of a band having fun. Both now established international musicians in their own right, Kane and Turner come across as two old friends having a laugh between day jobs.