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The Lughole has become a fertile DIY venue for Sheffield's punk scene. Despite only opening its doors just over a year ago, it has proved to be a thriving space for local and touring bands alike. They've started a label, Kids of the Lughole, and the first release is Sievehead's self-titled 7”.
Sievehead are an exciting new band who seemingly arrived on the Sheffield scene from nowhere, but have made a huge impression in only a few months. They released a demo, which later sold out on a limited cassette run. The new record contains four songs, originally recorded for the demo by Ben Hunter at The Audacious Art Experiment, which have now been remastered by Daniel Husayn.
The three-piece is comprised of talented young musicians (Joe, Bry and singer Dave, aka Dirdsbead) and is synonymous with the kind of talent and creativity Sheffield's thriving DIY scene is spawning. In terms of sound, an easy comparison would be to liken them to a band they've already supported, Eagulls. While it's often difficult to replicate the energy of a live show on record, they've succeeded in harnessing their intense febrile spark on each of the songs. With the new production their songs feel even more fresh and vibrant.
'Desire', 'Tanned', 'Energy' and 'Shadows' all show a surprising strength of songwriting for a band in their infancy. A combination of strong musicianship and a great singer makes Sievehead a superior record. There are elements of DIY punk, garage rock, post punk and surf rock. They're one of the best new bands to emerge from this city in the last year. 2015 will be pivotal for them, and if Sievehead continue to progress at the same breakneck speed, who knows where they'll end up.

Rob Aldam