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Sides Three and Four

The Manchester Standards series represents a scene treading its own path away from the city’s musical past. This second instalment of a vinyl trilogy compiles 15 tracks as testament to the diversity bands can achieve if they steer away from trends. Split vaguely into two camps, Side Three is an enthralling display of DIY belligerence led by Mistoa Poltsa and Salford Media City, whilst Side Four contains more polished recordings of bands already established outside Manchester, including Young British Artists, Egyptian Hip Hop and others from the impressive SWAYS roster. Humour, irreverence and great songs no longer seem integral to a business model that picks the next big thing from a conveyor belt, so this record is a convincing riposte to those who overlook these traits. Manchester Standards captures an eclectic scene thriving under the upturned noses of the old guard. Scratch the underbelly and take a sniff.

Nathan McIlroy