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Shunya Mountain Gazer

Richly layered and textured, the EP’s strength is jam-packing a wide variety of sounds.

Released: 13 November 2016
Mountain Gazer

Mountain Gazer is a feast of an EP which deftly mixes electronica with classical instruments. Alan Keary, aka Shunya, has collaborated with the vocalist Hayley Williams to create songs which are unique, refreshing and irresistible.

It all opens with an evocative journey. ‘Seconds Away/Miles Apart’ is a breathtaking mix of folky violin and electronica. Interweaving strings of violin and light guitar contrast with deep synths and discordance. Layers of soft, gentle vocals give this song an ethereal touch. One minute you're in a deep, dark valley, the next minute you're on top of a mountain with the sun breaking through the clouds.

Richly layered and textured, the EP’s strength is jam packing a wide variety of sounds. Take ‘Wonder and Wane’, a sumptuous ode to nature that’s moreish and uplifting. Williams' beautifully scratchy voice is framed by a marching beat, plucked strings, percussion and deep synths. Messed up violin and industrial noises are offset by a happy melody and bright, gentle guitar. It’s a well-placed contrast with the hard-hitting lament of the destruction of nature, ‘Nest of Glorious Sounds’, whose neo-soul vibe and shuffling beat, soft keys and powerful chorus finds meaning in its thoughtful lyrics, delivered stunningly by Williams.

The perils of romance are told through the eyes of a robot in the final track, ‘Analogue Heart’, which underneath its robotic imagery is a quirky look at love and risk. The choppy beat, wonky analogue synths and cutup vocals all add to the mechanic effect.

Mountain Gazer is an intricate tapestry of sounds that can't help but transfix you.

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