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My first ever review in these hallowed pages was of a very early Screaming Maldini gig, back in 2010 (#25). I’d never reviewed a gig before that. I just remember thinking, “Holy shit, the world needs to know about this,” and jumping on their bandwagon as quickly as I could. Two years later, their magnificent debut album was released to great acclaim.

If you’ve seen a film at the Showroom in the last couple of years, chances are you’ve already heard the album’s biggest hit, the ludicrously catchy ‘Summer, Somewhere’, used repeatedly in the ShAFF trailer.

Maybe you delved a little deeper and watched any of the deceptively clever yet constantly rewatchable videos they made. Maybe you saw them perform and took in the real magic. Screaming Maldini were the definition of a great live band - every musician a virtuoso, six-part vocal harmonies totally normal. Often accompanied by choir, strings and, on one memorable occasion, a full symphony orchestra, a gig of theirs was an overwhelming, colourful, breathtaking experience.

Heavy on synths, brass and big vocals, their music was full-on pop, but scratch beneath the surface and you’d see a world of innovative creativity. No track on this album is in 4/4 time. Clever rhythms, unexpected structures and grand melodic flourishes are everywhere. I doubt I’ll hear anything quite like them again. Sadly, they split 18 months ago, but what a memento these 12 songs are. Unforgettable.