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“Is this My Chemical Romance’s first album?” I thought to myself while listening to the first couple bars of this EP. That's not a bad thing, so to speak. As a young teenager I was rather fond of the messy, ‘I've recorded this in my bedroom’ type of sound. But somehow I don't think this was what Wall Market Racketeers were intending.

Their new Saturnine EP is, for lack of a better word, okay. That’s all I think when I hear it. Structurally, they have the right idea – well thought out verses and easy choruses. In terms of instrumentation, they’ve also done pretty well to establish their sound. But here is the problem: everything is just a little untidy. That is the one thing that lets this band down.

It isn't just a one-off issue. After listening to their previous releases, I can see it’s prevalent throughout. The timing is a little off, the harmonies are a little off, and that unfortunately makes the whole record a little off. I feel so desperate to like the record, but I just can’t, because the few minor mistakes add up to create something a little more large, a little bit more noticeable.

They certainly have the right idea, and with a little more fine-tuning I’d be more than glad to buy one of their records or bob along to one of their gigs. Therefore, all I can say about this record is: more care needed.