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Robbie Thompson Look Who’s Arriving

It’s November, the last bit of autumn before a dark winter of isolation and on-and-off quarantining, and you need something to listen to.

Released: 10 January 2020
Look Who’s Arriving

You need something for walking through streets with leaves still underfoot, and to get you through your daily routine without burning yourself out. Something that’s melancholy, a bit bittersweet, but with enough drive and enough of a rhythm to keep you going, not drown you in it all.

Something with nice reverberating dreamlike basslines and sharp lyrics to balance it out, keep you grounded in your day-to-day. Something that feels like a purpose-built soundtrack to a sombre Sheffield autumn, tailor-made for watching the last leaves fall off street trees, for watching that glimpse of the peaks over the rooftops turn rust-coloured, for listening to under a grey sky while on a trek to the Moor Market.

Something that’s going to give you that sort of high-saturation feeling, that’s going to put you in what Gen Z calls a “main character” state of being, wherein whatever troubles are up ahead, whatever sadness or frustration you feel, however stressful life is at the moment – it all looks from where you’re standing like a particularly poignant chapter of what’s shaping up to be a really beautiful story.

You need something that’s good for listening to in the last of the golden afternoon light, when you’re steeling yourself for winter. If that’s what you’re looking for, I highly recommend you check out Robbie Thompson’s new EP, Look Who’s Arriving.

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