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It is no secret that Sheffield's indie rock repertoire is pretty impressive, so much so that any newbies on the scene are under a huge amount of pressure. Trying to find the balance of staying true to your roots without becoming a Pulp or Arctic Monkey's tribute band can be a struggle, as we've seen time after time, but it can be done. Introducing Elephant. Formed two years ago by five bright-eyed students, the band are now releasing their second EP Pixels, which can be yours for just two British pounds on their Bandcamp page. Somewhere in between the familiar 'classic indie-rock' and something more like the laid back synth music that seems to be sweeping the alternative nation, Pixels is a real crowd pleaser.

These five tracks give you a really good feel for a band without overloading you with everything they have to offer, leaving you craving more. With Pixels, we get the taste of cool and passionate vocals with crisp riffs, heavy beats and a little experimental twang. Each track melts deliciously into the next, without sounding like a rehash. For a band I hadn't heard of before, I'm fast becoming a big fan.

Track number one instantly sends shivers down your spine. Slow paced, with the natural build-up from one man and a guitar to the full swing of the band, complete with keys and harmonies, 'Gossip' is a fantastic introduction to the EP and the band themselves. The rich reverb and chorus in central track 'Moddey Dhoo' creates a haunting chill which is complimented by the heavy guitar and rough, grizzly vocals in the latter half. This is directly followed by 'Run Me', which has a much cleaner sound while still retaining the nonchalant drumming that holds the EP together and creates that cool-as-hell vibe.

With no bad track in sight, and the potential for a full-length album not an arm's reach away, I find myself really excited by this relatively new local talent. Understated and modest in the most endearing way, I can't wait for what 2013 brings for Elephant.