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Pareidolia Pareidolia EP

Pareidolia EP

Pareidolia's EP is a funky kaleidoscope of sounds, referencing soul, jazz, drum and bass, and reggae.

Opening up, 'In The Silence' is an uplifting number that starts off slowly with warm, gentle keys, and builds to a rousing chorus. Its guitar riff is mean, and there's lots of breathy saxophone over skittering beats. But it's the chorus which is really powerful, with a stirring message relayed by Yemi Bolatiwa's strong, expressive vocals.

'You Don't Even Know' shows Bolatiwa as an authoritative vocalist as she sings poetic lyrics over another skittish beat. Her voice is both soulful and versatile on this sax-led drum and bass track. It may sound similar to before, but Pareidolia are masters at switching things up. Just when you think you know where you are, the song descends into a chaotic, jazzy jam, which is funky as hell.

Bookending the taster EP is 'Sinking Island', a dream of a reggae tune with a roving bass line and soft keyboards. The male and female vocals complement each other perfectly. There's a nice tempo switch where the song's laidback skank changes to an upbeat mix of blistering drums, percussion and wah wah. Yemi's passionate singing brings the track to a crescendo, before it settles back down into its head-bobbing groove. Lashings of smooth sax make this tune a heavenly listen.

The EP is a soulful experience. Make sure you're nice and comfy, because this is seriously mellow stuff.