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CPU founder Chris Smith said in a recent interview that he hadn't intended the label to specialise in electro and this LP by French producer Tryphème goes some way to redressing the balance.

Sonic similarities to the Warp roster of the nineties might explain why a Lyon-based musician is releasing her debut on a Sheffield label. The spacey synth pings and otherworldly vocals on opener 'Pas Comme Les Autes' immediately recall the golden age of home listening electronics, with a melody straight out of μ-Ziq's Lunatic Harness.

Intricate drum programming forms the foundation of every track here, with Tryphème building rhythmic mazes for her cut-up vocals and tricksy glitches to navigate. This satisfying method works particularly well on the luminous 'Light Light Light' and the optimistic blue skies of the title track. That title is never explained by the way, though track names like 'Give Me The Horn' and 'French Kiss on Sapphire Scenic' imply that something might be on her mind.

The record kicks it up a gear on 'Away From Prying Eyes' (the more club-oriented tracks have been released on a four track EP of the same name), with rolling drums and the kind of blocky sheets of haze The Field used to do. There's also the squelchy acid of 'Idem' and the heavy bass of the neatly titled 'Mélodramatique', plus funky closer 'Pad 191 Lovers'.

This isn't a French revolution, though it has a certain je ne sais quoi.

by Sam Gregory (he/him)