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Old Magick

A warmed-up guitar hums gently as this album opens with a welcome and a hand of compassion, admiring our human position wherever we may be. Lyrics speak of the paradox of community and personal space, something which perhaps has the lines blurred from time to time. Upbeat drums carry the song into second gear, knitted together by the continual flow of poetic words which sit daintily like little birds on the fence bars of chord structure.

A feel of Doves and Flaming Lips, making the coo a little more exciting, floods this opener. Track two tells a familiar story of a person trying to take responsibility for their own actions yet subscribing to a partial dictate of solipsism in the process, perhaps inspired by The Secret or some other nonsensical trash aimed at passing the occasionally unfortunate nature of the universe off as some kind of personal liability we attract somehow. We all know that bad stuff happens. It's how we deal with it that matters, not who's to blame.

Heartfelt and pretty melodies sum up almost every song, and the music creates an atmosphere of openness. Honest entertainment and inspiring lyrics cause the room to become a sanctuary to guitar and emotive phrasings. Although the songs are generally based on a relationship scenario, me and you, the meanings of the energy exchanges tend to lean towards a tender and mystical side of humanity, asking us to ask these questions and explore these places within ourselves too.

Perhaps easy to project, and imagine our particular subject in mind when hearing these storytelling songs, the title of this album is a symbol enough that there's more than meets the eye. Mirrors, attraction. Really?