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Foreign Interlood

Foreign Interlood's 'Nowhere' is a laidback, lounging track combining poetic lyrics with the catchiest hook. This single from the Manchester trio has a loose, easy feel and a super smooth sound.

Relaxing beats and chilled out keys couple together to create a warm, soothing vibe, delivered by emcees Lupin and Hitchhiker’s well-crafted, original verses which span a range of topics and imagery. These unique rhymes are brought to an apex by the infectious chorus, and the rich, honeyed vocals of singer Melikz. This is slick, soulful hip hop from some of Manchester's freshest talent.


'Problematic' is an honest, reflective look at self and relationships. In his raw, gritty voice, Skittles spills his soul in raps over a jazzy track. With brutal honesty, Skittles talks about the complexities of himself and an important relationship, all to a backdrop of muted horns and deep bass.

The sparse piano is a nice touch and adds a classical feel, and it's refreshing to hear such honesty from a man, especially in a genre which can have limiting ideas about ‘masculinity’.

It's clear that ‘Problematic’ is a cathartic piece for the artist, and it's this authenticity and depth of emotion that makes the track so powerful.