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Mr Splashy

Wonk Unit are back with a new album full of their classic devil-may-care attitude and a few surprises. The band’s sound has certainly altered since their 2015 album, Feel the Wonkness, evolving into a more melodic and practised brand of punk. Mr Splashy is reminiscent of 90s American punk bands like The Offspring, but with a raw sense of poetry that other groups have failed to capture. The soul of this album certainly lies in its lyrics, which are unpretentious and hard-hitting.

One of the unexpected treats of this album is the inclusion of an acoustic ballad accompanied by a string section. This gives a greater sense of depth and emotional maturity without compromising the down-to-earth spirit the band represents.

Mr Splashy reads like a story, with clear climaxes and crises represented by the individual songs. The inclusion of female vocals in ‘Model on the Northern Line’ is an astounding change of pace that is as debasing as it is haunting. Front man Alex Wonk has been criticised in the past for his controversial poems about sex, narcotics and gender, but through the use of these musical devices Wonk Unit are able to convey the intention behind these harsh words.

Wonk Unit’s music is gradually becoming more accessible without becoming commercial or fake. That’s why their international tour this year should be a successful and intimate experience for everyone involved.