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Milou EP

At times wistful, sometimes forceful and occasionally blissful, the new EP Milou by Louis Romégoux is a taut collection of songs that effortlessly combines folk music with garage rock. Romégoux is a half-French, half-English singer-songwriter, born and raised in Sheffield but now residing in Austria. The choice to live overseas seems to have had an effect on his music as he draws influences from both sides of the water.

Milou opens with ‘Day By Day’, a light-hearted and catchy number which draws similarities to The Tallest Man On Earth. This serenity is quickly juxtaposed with the mournful urgency of ‘In My Room’. The vocal performance is demanding as he yearns, “Please come back to me”. His voice compares with Guy Garvey of Elbow in that he is able to switch between subtle melancholy and dynamic tension with ease. The EP gracefully moves into more traditional, plaintive folk territory with ‘Warm In Winter’. The collection concludes with ‘Start A War’ and ‘Ballad’ - the former a wry tale very much reminiscent of Swedish songwriter Jens Lekman, the latter building to an aggressive crescendo.

Louis Romégoux should be congratulated for creating a rich and varied work with such a small collection of songs. With the ability to build on such a wide-ranging palate, it will be exciting to see if he puts out a full-length record in the near future. The music may be his vision, but this EP could not have been achieved without the accompaniment of Thom Mills on drums and Paul Riley on bass. Special mention should also go to Charlie McClean, whose production and arrangements lend the music a certain sharpness instead of just softening the edges.