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Micky Blouse Micky Blouse

Sheffield-based four-piece Mickey Blouse have only been around for just over a year, but they've already defined their wistfully melancholic sound.

Released: 20 March 2020
Micky Blouse

After two single releases in 2019, the group have released their self-titled debut EP following where they left off. Focusing on their optimistic and introspective nature, the bands lyricism produces an honest assessment of 21st-century life for a millennial.

The four track EP opens with 'Brother', which instantly hits with blissful, hazy hooks. The punchy lyrics and pounding beat prove that the band can go down various avenues of musical output while maintaining their semi-psychedelic sound.

'Contrary To Popular Belief' discusses the different elements of modern drug culture. The lyrics battle with susceptibility to male-dominated peer pressure, as well as touching on how these damaging habits become so addictive. The track follows a consistent eight-bar hook featuring dreamy, woozy riffs which is nothing short of endearing.

The slower, more melodic 'Thank The Lord We're Not Like That' succeeds in harnessing the gritty emotion seen in the demise of a relationship. The blunt yet subtly intelligent lyrics are prevalent throughout the entire record.

This EP is a breath of fresh air for the UK indie music scene. Critics have bemoaned the dwindling amount of guitar music over the last decade without looking to move out of the tried and tested formula. Here, like other indie pop bands like Anteros and Stereo Honey, we have a band willing to inject new life into guitar music and transform the landscape for a generation.

by Daniel Atherton (he/him)
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