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M Tate Matters of Little Consequence

M Tate continues his explorations of ambient focused music on a four-track project inspired by vastness and the beyond.

Released: 28 March 2021
Matters of Little Consequence

M Tate’s latest project, Matters of Little Consequence, is a sonic understanding of how it could feel to be familiar with outer space. This faux familiarity is what distinguishes it from being simply an exploration of vastness in general. Matters of Little Consequence gradually reveals this rather than throwing the reader into a musical vacuum, so by the time we do get to ‘Simple Melody’, the first track to embody M Tate’s self-description of the project as majestic, it’s rewarding.

Rather than a fear of the unknown, ‘Simple Melody’ embraces it as something that M Tate and his audience are inherently connected to. The aptly titled ‘Crystalline Memories’ adds to the project’s experience of ambience and patience; it creates the motion of leaving space behind, making it an interesting choice for the project’s second track.

The journeying segment of Matters of Little Consequence is ‘A Slightly Optimistic Haze Appears Suddenly’, which is undertaken from a safe distance akin to looking up at the stars from the ground. ‘What Even Am I?’ follows, and it’s a fitting close to the project. It isn’t by any means dark, but instead an expansive reminder of the endlessness that belongs to the unknown qualities around us.