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Life Aquatic Band From Russell, With Love

From Russell, With Love
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As one of Sheffield's finest fusion bands, Life Aquatic Band have just dropped their second EP release at the end of November. Formed in 2016, L.A.B have been on the up ever since with their eccentric music, unusual gigs and strong image. I've been excited to hear what musical delights L.A.B have in store for us this time around, and I was not disappointed with the results.

From Russell, With Love is full of different sounds, funky beats and sultry vocals. The opening track, 'All Nite 4 U', is in the classic L.A.B style, with strong horn lines and layered vocals, pinned together by a funky rhythm section. The second track, 'Edge of Cool', is bordering on a more techno feel, with frontman Ben Allen's mix of spoken and sung vocals perfectly sitting on top of a protruding bassline.

Next up is 'Chagford Swimming Pool', a chilled-out track that builds through the clever layering of instruments and vocals. All three tracks on this hot new EP are completely different from each other, which is part of the charm and USP that L.A.B hold. These intelligent musicians know how to put together quality original music.

This band are continually on the rise, in the Sheffield scene and beyond. Their eccentric mix of genres and their alternative style make them an absolute must-hear this month. From Russell, With Love is yet another success for this quirky seven-piece.

Alex Burns

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