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Khufu may favour a minimalist approach when it comes to their online profile (self-described merely as “a group of musicians”), but their self-titled seven-track LP offers a complex and diverse sound, combining electronic as well as outright rock elements and a range of layered instrumentals. The aptly named first track, ‘Cinema’, seems to best convey the band’s attention to thematic components, but the next two tracks lose this controlled momentum to the point of appearing slightly redundant. Track names in themselves appear to be a bit problematic. ‘Perfect Sky’ doesn’t quite live up to its intended image and ‘Holocaust’ teeters on being predictably dark, and as such they run the risk of attempting too many musical directions at once. However, the radio-friendly ‘Next to Me’ demonstrates a well-orchestrated change in tone with gliding, trip hop beats and, with a better ear for precision, there’s plenty of potential.

Ruby Hoffman