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Jupiter in Jars Rot And Roll

The long-awaited debut by Sheffield quintet Jupiter in Jars is a sublimely light and comforting EP - if Jupiter in Jars weren't already on your radar they ought to be now.

Released: 3 July 2020
Rot And Roll

The debut EP of Jupiter in Jars, Rot and Roll, is excellent. The overall feel is like that of the best, softest dream you ever had – that one you really, really didn’t want to wake up from. Delicate dulcimer and mandolin, mixed with a more earthy guitar (acoustic of course), the sound of far-away drums, warm and low flute, and angelic vocal harmonies make for – shockingly I know – a really lovely sound.

It’s a comparable sound to Fleet Foxes, but a much softer, lighter, more home-grown version; a bit more singer-songwriter, a lot more DIY charm. Jupiter in Jars’ vocals aren’t bold, punchy, or loud. They’re tender and gentle to the last chord. 'Tender' is really the best word for the thing as a whole. DIY jangly folk done well, intimately and gently.

Overall Rot and Roll is a sublimely light and comforting EP, though my use of the word light should in no way be mistaken as meaning lacking in depth, or seriousness of skill and quality for that matter. If Jupiter in Jars was not already on your radar, they ought to be now. The four tracks are more than enough to hook you, and have you eagerly anticipating a full album. I certainly am.

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