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Jordan O'Shea Ghosts From James Street

Released: 31 May 2020
Ghosts From James Street

Previously dubbed the "master of melancholy", Jordan O'Shea was reluctant to release Ghosts From James Street in 2014, when it was recorded. Six years on, the album is the Sheffield-based singer-songwriter's fourth and most honest record to date.

At the time of recording, O'Shea didn't want his mental wellbeing to define him as an artist. "I realised that my mental illness was becoming a genre and I didn't want to sell myself like that", he said. The dark and sombre album has a common theme of depression throughout, as O'Shea holds nothing back when discussing his mental health.

'These Songs Are About You, They're Not For You' is the highlight of the record. O'Shea's delicate voice, accompanied by slick guitar riffs and polished piano keys, is nothing short of exquisite. Discussing the feeling of being relentlessly pursued by dark thoughts, 'I Should Have Stayed Quiet' is a nervy yet articulate contemplation of being at your lowest point.

'Aviary' expresses a rollercoaster of emotions which occur during anxious times, ranging from not finding the right words to blaming yourself for moments that are out of your control. "Is this my punishment / For all of the mistakes I've made", emphasises O'Shea, highlighting the depleting feeling of self-criticism.

It's impossible not to partake in a moment of reflection while indulging in the soft, soothing melodies which epitomise the entire record. No matter what your current mental state is, an appreciation of the vulnerability it took to write and release this album is inspiring.

by Daniel Atherton (he/him)
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