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Jamie T The Theory of Whatever

The south London singer makes an enthusiastic return to the indie scene after a five year hiatus.

Released: 22 July 2022
The Theory of Whatever

Following the fifteenth anniversary of debut album Panic Prevention, Jamie T’s new record The Theory of Whatever gives a refreshing new edge to the singer’s trademark indie rock anthems.

‘The Old Style Raiders’ is the first guitar-led track fans will hear from the new album, which has apparently been narrowed down from an initial list of 180 tracks. Self-described as a “lean, taut, indie rock anthem”, the song was a pathfinder for the direction of The Theory of Whatever. With Jamie admitting he lost his way throughout the album’s creation, the 13-track record is one that has had years of development – which becomes more and more evident as you listen.

‘British Hell’ and ‘Between the Rocks’ honour Jamie's past sound – a distinguishable jagged tone, with his cockney accent shining through. The latter track expresses his dismay at the modern music industry: “Kinda hard to find the real in a room of plagiarists / Everything I write, I feel another vibe ripped.”

Bringing the album to a close, final track ‘50,000 Unmarked Bullets’ is a heartfelt ballad that reminisces on Jamie's previous lovers. Led by piano, its vulnerability pinpoints not only the development of his music but Jamie as an artist. It acts as proof that a singer can mature their sound, whilst still regaining their original roots.

by Chloe Menesse (she/her)
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