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It's hard to believe that BADBADNOTGOOD have only been going for six years when you consider the wealth of material they've released. A few mixtapes, some collaboration with Frank Ocean and Odd Future, and five albums including one with Ghostface Killah, but they've all been consistently good.

The Canadian jazz hip hop group have now added a fourth member to their ranks, saxophonist Leland Whitty, who has worked with them previously, and his addition brings a more consistent jazz vibe than before. 2016 sees them release their latest effort, IV, and takes them away from working with Tony Stark, aka Ghostface, into more familiar territory.

IV is a largely instrumental album and an impressive one at that. It's a nice blend of upbeat and mellow tracks that make it an essential summer listen, with featured artists like KAYTRANADA, Sam Herring and Charlotte Day Wilson keep it fresh.

The standout track has to be the feature with Herring, 'Time Moves Slow', his smoky voice captivating you straight away. When vocals are featured, they are impressive.

Having been pleased with their production on the Ghostface album, for me it's nice to see IV is a lot longer than its 30-odd-minute predecessor, clocking in at just over 50 minutes. The extra time means there's more to enjoy, and IV feels more produced with better flow. If you haven't listen to them before, this is a great album to start with.