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Even Temper

Worriedaboutsatan released their first album Arrivals in 2009, followed by the haunting single ‘Heart Monitor’ in 2010 to massive acclaim. They then proceeded to disappear. Confusing? Yes. Frustrating? Definitely. But after dabbling in electronica side project Ghosting Season for a few years, the sonic duo of Thomas Ragsdale and Gavin Miller have reawakened the sleeping beast. Even Temper bears all the hallmarks of what makes ambient electronica great - the gorgeous layering of beats hidden under layers of static or shimmering guitars, the bass pulsing like the hum of a machine. The atmosphere is enveloping and hypnotic.

Even Temper feels like the soundtrack to a gritty, industrial, Tron-style movie. Each track ripples under layers of dust, slowly rising from the basements of empty factories to the blasting dancefloors of the future. Tracks like ‘Baychimo’ wouldn’t seem out of place in a neon-tinted space bar, whilst the drums of ‘Jaki’ draw you into euphoric parties in dingy basements filled with sweat and dirt.
The whole album sounds like it was pulled from a fire, covered in ash and crisped by the flames. There’s always something hissing or seething in the background, the cracks and pops constantly making the record feel like something warm and alive, like a well-loved vinyl. You can almost hear it breathing.

Even Temper doesn’t try to break free of the electronica scene as much as climb into its very being, living right in the echoing and grimy heart of it all. This is a record that sets a tone and explores every dark corner, every empty room, and fills them all with beautiful noise.