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Duty/Texers is the Tectonic debut from Sheffield regular Beneath; two cold and deadly pieces released from the depths of his dubplate catalogue.

Beneath has been building up a solid catalogue of releases on his No Symbols label, which last year saw the justified recognition in the form of a release on Blackdown's Keysound imprint, alongside gigs in Europe and performances for Electronic Supper Club and Boiler Room. With work that drifts away from traditional formulas for music, Beneath situates himself in a place that is not yet classified, and the resultant experimentation is a product of the freedom this genre-less position gifts him.

This release acts as a progression of the sound given to us by UK Hardcore, a genre that has given root to so much of the last few decades of the UK's very best dance music. Beneath continues admirably in this quest, stripping away elements to the bare essentials, resulting in refined and driving sub-heavy cuts ready for large sound systems.

'Duty' begins with percussion hits dictating a march into a track which temporarily offers false comfort in its low bassline, before plunging you deep into the producer's imagination with sharp drum hits, hypnotic rhythms and chilling samples. 'Texers' follows suit with equally focused attacks from the low end, restrained tones and a very forward facing arrangement which allows the multitude of percussive elements to take centre stage.

Very strong stuff from Beneath, who should go from strength to strength this year.