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Dive and Slide into the Blue

If you check out their website you could be mistaken for thinking the Greenwood brothers have been caught in a nostalgic sepia freeze frame from a mid-19th century period drama, a couple of Victorian traveling minstrels selling a potent home-brewed elixir while entertaining their customers with a few ditties. But these two gentlemen are hitting the road with an understated determination and attitude. I’m not sure how to describe it, but there is something unique about what Low Duo are putting out there.

Ever taken a dive or slid into the blue? Well, now’s the chance to find out what that might be like. Low Duo have worked with Kenny Jones (formally of the Small Faces and The Who) to produce eight songs worthy of time and attention. Leigh has a quite remarkable vocal range and I couldn’t help hearing echoes of Peter Murphy of Bauhaus, or Brett Anderson of Suede with an extra layer of falsetto, yet in a folk-indie context. I sense a slightly romantic, gothic ingredient in the twilight, just out of sight. There is a note of irony in their surreal storytelling and at times I’m left waiting for the full band to kick in. Teasingly, there is a big sound right on the edge of these tunes.

The arrangements and lyrics sum up a confident emerging talent. To put vocals and guitar together so simply risks you hearing all the glitches and dropped stitches. There aren’t any. The squeaky twangs of Adam’s guitar and the fading tremolo of Leigh's vocal add flavour and atmosphere to their melodies. The contrast of crunchy overdrive and acoustic guitar build their songs dynamically through the album.

If you are “sweet without the corn”, a “long-legged lover” or “an eagle that flies by a damaged wing”, this album will not disappoint; a collection of mature songs and a sound that deserves to be broadcast more widely.