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Devils EP

From the very first bar, it is instantly clear where this band have drawn inspiration from. With thick, textural chords and catchy, repetitive riffs akin to the likes of Sunny Day Real Estate, the record is instantly in-your-face, making it hard not to be engaged. The placement of tracks in the EP is cleverly done, in that with the first track you can feel yourself being swept away into the deep underbelly of teenage angst. Carrying this into the chorus of the next track, ‘Oh My God’, you feel so physically and emotionally involved that you want to stomp about in your Dr Martens and tell the world everything that is wrong. The next track, ‘You Said’, is slightly more subdued but nonetheless brilliant in terms of composition and moodiness. The breakdown halfway through really feels like the peak of the record, putting them at the top of their game. It has potential to be an astounding track played live.

The final track, ‘Sorrow to Sleep’, provides a little solace from the grungy intensity of the record, while still managing to retain some kind of underlying sense of disapproval.

Saying this – and taking into account that the whole thing has been produced, recorded and mixed by a couple of 17-year-olds – it’s difficult to pinpoint what could improve the record. This band has the potential to go on and make huge waves in the coming musical years.