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Crimewave Dislocation EP

Released: 5 May 2017
Dislocation EP

Jake Wilkinson, AKA Crimewave, kindles science and techno through the art of music in his debut EP, Dislocation. Channelling cynical and chilling vocals akin to Ian Curtis, Crimewave brings the dark and dismal streets of Manchester into music form, joining the formula of his predecessors whom likewise seek inspiration from the past morbid atmosphere of the city. Rather than being a plain expression of the everyday but an experiment of the expression, ‘0161’ extracts sound from the streets whilst layered over EDM beats, bringing forth a new element in the progression of the representation of Manchester in music.

Dislocation EP dislocates the listener from ones surrounding in a style that is infused with shoegaze elements. In ‘I Knew’, the music is thrown together, but in an artistic and mesmerising style that recreates the expressive tone of the shoegaze genre. Crimewave takes elements of shoegaze via clear inspiration from Jesus and Mary Chain’s early work and brings it into the 21st century. ‘The Northern Lights’ exhibits shoegaze 2.0 with its slow effects and expansive sounds entwined with techno. ‘Sp|it’ embodies every factor this EP is trying to explore, mixing ghoulish tones cut with EDM elements.

Dislocation EP, blending a mixture of two contrasting music genres, embodies surrealist art in music form with the ambience of the EP to take the listener someplace else, somewhere unidentified and surreal.