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Chips ‘N’ Gravy: A Love Story

Red Eye Hi-Fi have been canvassing their sound system around Manchester and beyond since the turn of the decade. Their hedonistic club nights have seen many local MCs toasting over their bass heavy sounds and some of them make a reappearance on this record, etching their names into the Chips ‘N’ Gravy dubplate. This is the first official recording from the crew and manages to capture the mayhem of the club night whilst condensing their raucous mixes into shorter songs.

‘Sound Killer’ (ft. Dark Angel) gets your legs winding with a beat to shatter spines and ‘Hot Steppin’ (ft. Parly B & Kathika) will have you skanking like a Trustafarian at a full moon party. ‘Tempramental’ (ft. Skittles) builds in energy and complements Skittles’ rapid-fire style, breaking into a beat that would sound good whether coming out of King Tubby’s speakers or a mobile phone on the back of the bus, which is no mean feat.

Fox, Sangy, Chuckz – the calibre of MCs is matched bars for beats, with production that tips its pork pie hat to every conceivable style you’d hear at carnival. The exception is ‘Bodhran’ (ft. Deepo), which samples the Irish bodhran and has a more militaristic feel, though is all the better for it. The common thread is that these ten tracks will get you in the mood for a night out, even if you weren’t planning one. So be warned – Chips ‘N’ Gravy may cause rash decision making and leave you red-eyed.