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Black Light Spiral

Jack Dunning, talented DJ, innovative producer and highly influential figure in electronic music, is also the owner of two exceptional record labels. Established in 2008, Hemlock Recordings has acted as a stepping stone for some big name DJs and producers, including James Blake and Fantastic Mr Fox, whilst his new label Pennyroyal has recently released work by techno superstars Ben Sims and Paul Mac.

Due to be unleashed to the public through Hemlock on 24 February, Black Light Spiral will be Untold’s first full-length LP and is consequently highly anticipated.

Forty minutes long and comprising of eight tracks of seriously dark and disturbing soundscapes and loops, I wouldn’t necessarily describe it as ‘easy listening’. Having heard it on three separate occasions in different environments and situations, each time I was left searching for some contrast to the harshness, just a touch of melody or warmth to detract from the heavy machine-like repetitions, sirens, stabs and shouts.

The music is certainly well produced, and I wouldn’t go as far as to say this is not a good album. It’s all subjective and this is only one man’s opinion. I imagine some folk will love this and I definitely don’t want this review to put anyone off from listening to it. Anybody who knows Untold’s work knows how he likes to distort boundaries and this is, as expected, completely original work, unlike anything else out there right now.

I’ll continue to be a fan of Untold and will be eagerly awaiting future releases with an open mind. In the meanwhile, however, it’ll be tracks like ‘Targa’ and ‘Glare’ out on 50 Weapons and ‘Motion the Dance’ (Hemlock) that I’ll be listening to rather than this particular LP.

John Gillett