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Neko Neko’s latest single ‘Where’ introduces the first part in his Between Two Cities series. Opening with fluctuating harp samples and breaking down gradually through an array of contrasting tempos and rhythms, this crafty original mix takes on the form of a chilled instrumental house tune that has been expertly intertwined with a systematic arrangement of layered percussion.

Set up for a remix, the next track has an altogether different vibe executed by French producer Fulgeance. The initial sample of the celestial sounding harp has been fragmented over stronger beats and synths, coupled with the input of some rough and dirty vocals. Working under his alias Claude for a further remix track, Fulgeance produces this mix further, adopting an accelerated tempo and an unexpected underlay of piano and synth, metamorphosing the initial version of ‘Where’ onto new levels which will certify its success as the sound of the summer.

Daisy Kidd