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Beirut Gallipoli

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The youthful warbler Zach Condon is back with his fifth studio album. Recorded in the balmy depths of southern Italy, Beirut's new work is both motley and exotic. It's evidently influenced by Condon's musical interests, which span Fellini arias, Sicilian funeral brass, Balkan music and French chanson. The 12 tracks here are bite-size musical treats, short and sweet.

The album begins with 'When I Die', an apparently sombre track which is actually a cheery one, featuring Beirut's signature brass and syncopated rhythms. Either Condon's best tracks are named after places or he is supremely inspired by what happens in a given place, because both 'Gallipoli' and 'Corfu', the two singles released in October, are simply brilliant. The latter in particular has a mesmerising and addictive chord sequence, the kind of track you'd happily encourage as an earworm.

Gallipoli is full of an understated positivity, with fresh sounds incomparable to any other indie band of this generation. The UK tour will hit London, Leeds and Manchester in April 2019. You'll hardly be hit by the heat of Corfu or southern Italy, but it's certainly worth a trip up the M1 or across Snake Pass for some spring joy.

Jennifer Martino

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