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Au Suisse Au Suisse

On their self-titled debut Au Suisse intertwine cold sci-fi atmospheres with intimate landscapes, creating a journey through blue emotions.

Released: 19 August 2022
Au Suisse

A change of pace is a necessity to keep things pushing forward. Eschewing lofty string pad arrangements or dancefloor-ready anthems, Morgan Geist and Kelly Polar formed Au Suisse to create their own world. Surrounded by a calm but never sterile atmosphere, this world is simply named Au Suisse. This is an album of intimate electronica that has almost folk-like minimalistic qualities, avoiding the brutal swelling synths or minimal bleeping tropes that seem to plague the scene.

Still, don’t expect any songs portraying a Constable painting of a rainy Salisbury plain. Instead, the landscapes portrayed by Au Suisse’s debut album paint a cold, grey and tan city palette that’s been scrubbed clean in the utmost copacetic fashion. More Gattaca or Equilibrium than Blade Runner.

Opening track and first single ‘Control’ plays with expectations. It promises a great explosion of sound, but it remains mostly a quiet, moody contemplation that never quite flares, but still grabs your attention. You are rewarded with a pop treat afterwards, ‘Thing’, that mixes soothing vocals with an eerie background sample. Perhaps not as haunting but conveying a sort of remorsefulness is the beautiful ‘Vesna’, with its mournful vocal delivery.

Like a slow-cooked dish, years of experience in different projects gave the members of Au Suisse the right elements for an impressive debut. Knowledge seeps through the clean production and tactical creative decisions that manage to make Au Suisse an enjoyable, intimate debut.

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