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Art Club Moody Fantasy 9

Art Club are a three-piece indie rock band looking to stamp their authority on the alternative scene in Sheffield. Their debut EP, Moody Fantasy 9, includes four varied and distinctive tracks each with something different to offer.

Released: 2 October 2020
Moody Fantasy 9

A combination of dark, deep melodies and incisive indie rock dominate the record. Consisting of Alex McInnes, Jack Goodison and George Frost, the group are not afraid to delve into a variety of sounds on this record.

The opening track ‘Capital’ is much punchier and direct than the other songs. A pounding drum beat and guitar hooks with a steely edge would make this anthem a live favourite. ‘Moody Fantasy 9’, with an intimate and slow-burning feel, explores the sudden realisation of romantic feelings. This is the stand-out track, which flaunts a toe-tapping beat and a captivatingly measured identity. Lead singer Alex’s exquisitely calm voice is as infectious as it is gritty. ‘TechnicolourLife’ is a sharp tune with massive hooks, whereas ‘Monument’ is a soothing ballad that wouldn’t sound out of place on an Elbow album.

While their snappy indie sound is grand, the moodier and more atmospheric side of Art Club demonstrates their understated flair. Striking a delicate balance between catchy pop tunes and a wistfully eerie sound, the young trio have showcased their ambition with this impressive debut.

by Daniel Atherton (he/him)
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