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Each LP released seems to further unfurl the rather juxtaposed compound of sounds of which the seven-piece assemblage that is Submotion Orchestra is capable. Currently in their fifth year, and off the back of two critically acclaimed albums, this November sees the release of their third collection, Alium. I assume the band uses the accusative Latin translation of the album title to mean ‘another’ (alius), as opposed to the literal translation of ‘garlic’. However, with artists, one can never be too sure.

You only need to follow uptempo ‘Chrome Units’ with the soft vocals of ‘Rust’ to be taken along the intended diverse sojourn. ‘The Hounds’ sees deep jazz instrumentals reminiscent of their earlier work immersed in the signature synth melody, painting a picture synonymous with its title. ‘Swan Song’ proves a rather contagious number and one that would not be out of place in today’s charts. Take from that what you will. ‘Time Will Wait’ reinforces the group’s transition to a slightly more evolved and energetic album when compared to the existing discography.

The vocals on ‘Ruby Wood’, now synonymous with the vivid bass sound, maintain that contrast to the heavier electronica that ensures the band’s unique ambiance. Those who have already had the pleasure of seeing Submotion Orchestra perform will revel in the thought of a live reproduction of this sonorous album.

Submotion Orchestra perform at Gorilla on 8 November.