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Will Gimpertz

Art Critic & Firestarter

Will Gimpertz

Will Gimpertz is alter-ego of Andy Gell, a fledgling writer from the South of the North of England. After accidentally writing a play, a slavish dedication to acronyms and the number 23 has yielded a five book trilogy.

Clambering out of a rabbit hole of his own creation, he looks towards the future while he looks towards the past. In the distance an antiquated ice cream is playing O Sole Mio.

It’s right of course.

It’s now or never.

When pressed, he will always blame The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu.

Follow his descent on Twitter as @ReactionsTo2023.

Building The People’s Pyramid – brick by brick

For the bargain price of £99, the duo formerly known as the KLF will bake 23g of your ashes into a brick, which will be used to construct the People’s Pyramid. Will Gimpertz reports on the annual bricklaying ceremony.

Jimmy Cauty Dancing About Architecture

In Sheffield until 28 August, ESTATE is a "dystopian model village experience" with each room "painstakingly vandalised." Will Gimpertz tracked down the man behind the mystery – The KLF's Jimmy Cauty – for this exclusive interview with Now Then.