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Tchiyiwe Chihana edit

Tchiyiwe is an award-winning gender and international development professional who has held leadership roles in the human rights and arts sectors. She was born in Bradford and lived her formative years in Zambia and South Africa.

She likes to write about global diaspora communities and currently hosts a television show dedicated to African diaspora social-political affairs. Her main hobby is poetry writing, with some of her work already published in anthologies.

Tchiyiwe's biggest fear is that one day, she will no longer be able to travel and will have a limited view of the world.

Agency in the Workplace: HLM Architects

Employee rep Jill Fedyk tells us about HLM Architects' journey towards staff empowerment since the company became employee owned two years ago.

Migration Matters unites audiences in Sheffield

Now firmly established as a mainstay in the city’s cultural calendar, this year’s MigMat was a powerful reminder of the ability of art and music to bring people together.

Agency in the Workplace: Airmaster

Managing Director Lisa Pogson details how the local heating and cooling company moved to being owned by its workers – and what the future holds for Airmaster.

Desiree Reynolds Writing From The Richest Of Places

Desiree Reynolds has curated the Black Women Write Now strand of this year’s Off The Shelf Festival of Words, which captures the essence of Toni Morrison’s proclamation that being a black woman writer is not a shallow place, but a rich place to write from.