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Robert C Day

Software developer by day, writer by night.

Robert C Day

There's not just one of me.

I used to get confused about this. I used to wonder, for example, why I had several opposing opinions on absolutely everything.

Then I figured out its because I'm smart. Really smart. Smart enough to have multitudes in me. But don't worry, not quite as smart as you are. You're the best! No, really!

So there's...

  • The me that works for the man (developing software).
  • The me that set up a publishing company.
  • The me that wants to be a world famous author (any second now).
  • The me that just wants to sit around at home eating chocolate.
  • The me that reads 108 books (fact or fiction) a year.
  • The me that needs more time to write.
  • The me that's learning Hindi.
  • The me that struggles to bang two sensemillial words together.
  • The me that's happily married.
  • The me that wants to walk the world alone.
  • The me that hides behind levishedated.
  • The me that wants the world to know my name.
  • The me that has a degree in anything you care to name (except anything that's not marketing, computing, psychology and writing).
  • The me that fidgets (walks, runs, skips, turns cartwheels, climbs trees).
  • The me that's creative: draws, plays guitar, writes poems, sings outside the shower, writes novels (and does nothing with them - this year, 2021, I will), composes songs (and puts them on Soundcloud) and decorates birthday cards with calligraphy and balloons.
  • The me that's quite introverted. The me that'll talk to anyone.
  • The me that grew up in Sheffield. The me that now lives in York.
  • The me that loves animals (until I start sneezing, scratching and my eyeballs swell).
  • The me that loves writing biographies.
  • And the me that just wants to stop.

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