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Musically this month has been dominated by the release of two mind-blowing charity compilations from Sheffield's powerhouse DIY and electronica scenes.

PROLE JAZZ Come What May 2020

Another month of lockdown, another four weeks of continued cold turkey from gigs, live music and people.

PROLE JAZZ Songs of April 2020

April has been a month of physical lockdown, voluptuous sunny days, Zoom beers and a veritable deluge of musical wonderments.

PROLE JAZZ Songs of March 2020

In what's been a month of extraordinarily turbulent and unprecedented goings-on, music has continued to flow from the quarantined studios and jam lofts of Sheffield in unprecedented rivers of quality.

PROLE JAZZ Songs of February 2020

February experienced a musical swarm of creative output from the city of Sheffield and we've been inundated with all kinds of tunes, from tropical bangers to cosmic boogie freak-outs to psych-pop gems.

PROLE JAZZ Songs of January 2020

The relentlessly prolific musicians of Sheffield have been working overtime this January, seemingly determined to top the creative magic of…

Roundup: 2019 in Music

With the internet providing a steady drip-feed of exciting new releases, it's easier than ever to miss the good stuff. With that in mind we asked our writers to tell us about their favourite albums, EPs or tracks that you might have missed.

PROLE JAZZ December 2019

We're very excited to present this new PROLE JAZZ feature, a monthly round-up of the incandescent songs borne of the Cosmic Citadel of Magical Sheffield.