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Minesh Parekh

Minesh Parekh is the Labour and Co-operative Councillor for Crookes and Crosspool ward, and is an activist with Labour for a Green New Deal.

What if Balti King became the Balti Co-op?

With Broomhill's Balti King and Crookes's Casanova up for sale, we ask whether turning them into co-operatives could protect workers, communities and businesses.

Sheffield needs a transport revolution

Considering how cheap and well-connected our city’s public transport used to be, big changes which reduce emissions and offer a viable alternative to cars are well within reach. It’s a matter of political will.

Now is the time for a Green New Deal for Sheffield

Sheffield’s Labour and Green councillors have formed a ‘cooperative administration’ to lead the Council. As a Labour activist, I hope our new leadership will seize this moment to become a beacon for climate justice.

Radical Roots: Sheffield’s Struggle for Democracy

Throughout history the people of Sheffield have organised and fought for democratic rights, to improve their lives and the world around them. That fight is continued through present-day community campaigns to transform the quality of housing, transport and local democracy itself.