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Louise Armstrong

I am currently a journalism student at the University of Sheffield. I love speaking to new people and giving them the opportunity to have a voice which without journalism they may not have. I feel most comfortable writing online and feature content, but I am always up for a challenge. My hobbies outside of writing include reading, listening to podcasts and houseplants.

Should we be densifying our cities?

Urban populations are due to double by 2050. We look at how densifying urban areas can help reduce emissions and promote economic growth.

Who owns the sea? Technically, we do

Over-fishing and the commercialisation of the oceans is having a devastating effect on the environment. At a Festival of Debate event, Guy Standing looked at who owns the sea.

Do we all have the same access to nature?

Who has access to nature and what does this mean? Louise Armstrong attends Tackling Inequity in Access to Nature Across the City at Festival of Debate.