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Liam Casey

Leigh Jennings Witty & profane embroidery

It's always great to throw the spotlight onto an artist whose discipline is entirely new to us and to our best knowledge we've never featured embroidery in Now Then.

Borg Life is short, art is long

Dan Waters' art is a constant push-pull between the macabre and the illuminating, between death and life, between black and white.

Florence Blanchard Everyday vibrancy

If you've lived or spent any extended period of time in the city of Sheffield, Florence Blanchard is an artist that you'll be aware of, whether you know her name yet or not.

Cinta Vidal Shifting Perspectives

Although she's perhaps too humble to admit it, Cinta Vidal is an artist - and a uniquely talented one at that. Her works are a kaleidoscopi…

Ekaterina Lukasheva Origami Master

"I suddenly understood how that piece of paper could connect with other pieces of paper and become a flower. It was like an enlightenment. It's like opening a little door in your brain and allowing new ideas to come."

Anna Forlati Magic realism in illustration

"Among my illustrations, the ones I prefer are mostly those that emerge from inside rather than outside. Sometimes I conceive them when I'm drifting into sleep."

Lisa Maltby: March's featured artist

[GAL49]What strikes me first about this month's featured artist, Lisa Maltby, is how pleasantly unpretentious her art is. From the work she …

Ellen Jewett: Superrealist sculpture

[GAL44]All the craft associated with hyperrealism is present in Ellen Jewett's art. You could almost mistake each sculpture for a real creat…

Rob Lee A Muralist Most Meticulous

As you'll read here, it's easy to tell how passionate Rob Lee is about the world of art and his own place in it. His pieces span whole walls…

Helena Pérez Garcia: Universal Meaning

[GAL25]Helena Pérez Garcia is a designer and illustrator who originates from Spain, but now lives and works here in the UK. Her work explore…

Lisa O'Hara: Surrealist Manifestations

[GAL24]This month's featured artist, Lisa O'Hara, is an illustrator and graphic designer living and working in the Sheffield area. Her work …

Kate Morgan: The Optimist's Illustrator

[GAL23]In a today's climate of political turmoil and unrest, it's refreshing to come across an artist like Kate Morgan.Kate's images are rem…

Geo Law: An Artist Of The Times

[GAL22]It's likely you'll have noticed Geo Law's large-scale illustrations dotted around the city, as well as regularly popping up to bright…