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Ben Jackson

Having learnt how I didn't want to write during my time at University, Now Then has been a perfect platform for genuinely free expression over the years, and as such I have been an occasional contributor since 2009.

CitizenFest 2020

Festival celebrating human diversity and positive social change to take place online with 70 events across 7 themes: Love, Life, Home, Freedom, Help, Purpose and Money.

Hagglers Corner: Christmas Night Market

Friday 29 November sees the hotly-anticipated Hagglers Christmas Night Market kick off from 4pm down at Hagglers Corner, featuring one-of-a-…

Real Ale: Get supping

Walking into the pub, enjoying the anticipation with a wistful and instinctive licking of the lips, I contemplate the selection of creativel…

The Ale City: Step Away From the Stella

Sheffield is a city famed the world over for its production of things, and though our major export has always been the stainless hard stuff,…