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Abi Golland

Founder of The Street Food Chef

Abi Golland

I love writing, swimming outdoors, dancing, theatre, ballet, food and Sheffield. So if I can do all that in Sheffield or about Sheffield, then that’s good. In previous lives I have been a teacher, a nursery manager and an operations manager; and for the past 10 years I have run The Street Food Chef with my husband. Being an Independent Business Owner in Sheffield has given me an experience of the different communities in the city and has also caused me to be rooted here in a way that I never expected. I particularly appreciate the diverse nature of the theatre in Sheffield, and how it challenges and inspires – my writing for Now Then usually begins with a play, a ballet, a poetry reading or discussion. I am also plugging away at a novel.

Table Top Shakespeare

Sheffield troupe Forced Entertainment has taken on the mammoth task of re-telling all 36 Shakespeare plays from their homes. Sceptical? Don’t be.

Why do I wild swim?

Swimming outdoors is part of me, part of my childhood, my family. When I get into cold water, it brings me back to who I am.

Polly: The Heartbreak Opera

A radical, riotous adaptation of an 18th century rom-com, complete with techno, tracksuits and palm trees, is coming to Theatre Deli on…

Swan Lake, Crucible

Matthew Bourne and designer Lez Brotherston have given their critically-acclaimed production of Swan Lake a fresh look, revising some of…