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Reviews in Retrospect

In Bruges

A superb alternative Christmas film, this crime drama-cum-black comedy is a contemporary fable that examines the nature of morality itself.

Good Will Hunting

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's exceptional screenwriting debut is ultimately a feel-good movie about the tension between the need for belonging and the search for the authentic self.

Blue Valentine

A contemporary romance-in-reverse that meditates on the mystery of relationships.

A Beautiful Mind

Ron Howard’s adaptation explores the interface of our inner and outer worlds, and the capacity we have in creating reality from what we value most.


Wayne Wang and Paul Auster's 1995 indie comedy drama explores the interconnectivity of personal stories and the prospect of recovery through community and connection.

One Hour Photo

A heartbreaking portrayal of loneliness and isolation - and arguably Robin Williams' finest hour in film.