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Featured Artist

Ekaterina Lukasheva Origami Master

"I suddenly understood how that piece of paper could connect with other pieces of paper and become a flower. It was like an enlightenment. It's like opening a little door in your brain and allowing new ideas to come."

Joe Scarborough A long career in oil

Everywhere you look in Joe Scarborough's work, little gatherings are occurring, discrete scenes of everyday life that capture a more meaningful whole.

Anna Forlati Magic realism in illustration

"Among my illustrations, the ones I prefer are mostly those that emerge from inside rather than outside. Sometimes I conceive them when I'm drifting into sleep."

Carnovsky Red, Green, Blue

Carnovsky is Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla, an art and design duo based in Milan. They started collaborating in 2007, producing mult…

Steve Cutts In The Bleak Midwinter

Steve Cutts started his career as an illustrator and graphic designer at a London agency, working with international brands before deciding …